What’s a Thermographic Survey and why you need one?


A thermographic survey is a visual investigation, carried out by a qualified engineer, to detect abnormally high temperatures within an electrical installation. A higher than normal temperature indicates a problem within a system that could have serious consequences if allowed to escalate.

Reasons for abnormal temperature

  • Overloaded sockets
  • Loose connections
  • Faulty equipment
  • Or simple fatigue

Any of the above elements can cause temperatures to rise before the electrical system fails.


Do you get a warning?

Thankfully, yes you would, as the one thing all these factors have in common is a spike in temperature or a ‘hot spot’, warning you of an impending malfunction. Ignore this at your peril!
A thermographic survey should be part of an ongoing routine maintenance programme ensuring that your electrical system remains in tip-top health. This prevents the risk of it overheating due to a lack of care and attention and stops you from blowing a gasket as a result.

Give your electrical system some TLC and it will continue to operate for many years to come.
A picture paints a thousand words


A slight exaggeration maybe but a thermographic survey produces a series of top-quality thermal images highlighting any defects – potential or actual in your electrical system. You’re probably familiar with the term ‘thermal imaging’ and the brightly coloured images based upon infrared radiation. The hottest areas are yellow in colour whereas the coolest appear in blue.
A bright yellow area on your thermographic survey will indicate a hot spot and one that will require attention.
Conducting a thermographic survey
Thermographic surveys from One Way are performed by PCN certified engineers in accordance with ISO 18436:7 standards. All our engineers have extensive experience of the most complex electrical systems so you’ll be in safe hands. Surveys are conducted when the system is under load as it is the best way to detect hot spots and prevent the risk of a failure.

What electrical equipment would be included?

Anything that you have a particular concern about or equipment that cannot be isolated such as main distribution boards. Add to that consumer units, mains units, LV transformers, control panels, motors and integrated wiring systems then you have pretty much everything noted.
Maximum impact, minimum fuss
This type of survey is most valuable when carried out on large 24/7 systems that cannot be shutdown, such as hospitals due to the threat to life and limb. Our knowledge and expertise, combined with methodical planning enables us to conduct a thorough review.  Carried out in safety, with no disruption to day-to-day business, you’ll have a full audit trail for ‘due diligence’ purposes.
Your survey will include an introduction, summary of the process with faults identified and accompanying photos, and recommended actions to take.

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