Anyone with the talent, energy, and focus to solve hard problems has a place in our team.




The One Way Academy

Be part of our future. We are developing the next generation of leaders by investing in long-term relationships and passing down knowledge acquired from over 30 years of serving commercial and industrial businesses. The goal of the academy is to produce some of the best people in the industry, and our results say it all.

We're not your typical electrical contractor.

We’ve removed traditional hierarchy and general managers, and replaced them with functional teams that are led by experts—meaning design experts lead the Design team, install experts lead the Install team, and so on. Those with the most talent and expertise in an area have the decision rights for that area. Combine that with some thoughtful, open-minded debate, and the best ideas are always allowed to win.

One Family

Profit Share

Quarterly Events

Flexible Scheduling

Loyalty Bonus

30 Days Leave

A place where you can be you.

Motivated by a collective vision to become a renowned electrical contractor across the UK, we’re working to build a diverse and inclusive environment in which anyone with merit—regardless of race, religion, gender, or age—can succeed.

Feel at home, at One Way.

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