Bespoke LED Lighting Design


As the drive to reduce outgoing energy costs increases, many businesses are looking at ways to become more efficient. For those with large industrial or commercial premises, having the right lighting can make a huge difference to your bills, as this can account for a large percentage of outgoings. Bespoke LED lighting is an economical and environmentally conscious choice for businesses, which can provide a guaranteed return on your investment in 12-24 months. At One Way, we’re the experts in providing personalised LED Lighting reports and designs for industrial and commercial clients throughout Staffordshire and beyond.

Why opt for Personalised LED Lighting?

As lighting is an integral aspect to most commercial and industrial properties, it is important that it is well thought out and planned. Our experienced electricians can carry out our free site survey, to identify your current energy usage and highlight areas in which you could be reducing energy costs. Once these areas have been identified, we will provide a comprehensive report prior to designing your LED scheme, which will show your potential power consumption. We can also provide a 3D computerised LED lighting design model to you upon request, which will show how your new scheme will look once installed.

Environmental and Productivity Benefits

In addition to saving energy costs for your business, there are also a number of other benefits to having your new LED lighting professionally designed and installed by our specialists. LED lights will ensure CIBSE lighting level guidelines are met, provide instant brightness without warm up time, and can even improve productivity for your staff. Once installed, LED lights can provide between 5 and 10 operational years between lamp changes, producing much less waste and downtime than with halogen bulbs. A well thought out lighting plan can also demonstrate your business’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and a carbon reduction strategy to your customers and supply chains.

Grants for LED Lighting

In order to help with the initial outlay cost of designing your new LED lighting system, funding may be available. For more information about this, or to enquire about beginning your new lighting scheme, contact our expert team today. Call 01782 595 600 or email us at

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