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Emergency lighting has been around for longer than you might think, and its importance has never dwindled. We not only provide emergency lighting in Stoke and surrounding areas, but we also design the right emergency lighting for your specific environment.

We ensure you receive the most appropriate emergency lighting for your environment by discussing your requirements and expectations prior to our team getting started on your design. Our bespoke approach is what has seen us provide high quality electrical services for several decades and when it comes to emergency lighting, in Stoke or anywhere else, you need a name you can trust. A local name with verifiable credentials is especially favourable and an effortless part of our service.

The discussions we have include all relevant personnel as we take our commitment to providing first-rate emergency lighting in Stoke seriously in adhering to BS 5266-1 regulations: the owner of the premises, system designer, installer, the supplier of the equipment and even the fire authority should all be included in the conversation for best practice.

We never lose sight of why we design emergency lighting – to protect employees from injury first and foremost, in addition to helping you to meet fire safety regulations. We do this by clearly indicating precisely where the escape routes are as our lighting illuminates the way to a safe exit from a potential fire and other hazards.

In the event firefighting equipment is needed, or a fire alarm bell needs to be sounded, the people inside the building need to be able to clearly locate these devices. We help you to keep them safe by ensuring this equipment can be located easily in the event of an unforeseen accident.

Contact our team at One Way here to discuss the design of emergency lighting in Stoke, surrounding areas and how it can help your workplace.

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