New Manufacturing Saw Line


Power Distribution


Power Distribution

Full Design & Installation of Power Supplies to a New Manufacturing Saw Line

The state-of-the-art facility is part of the Belgium-based international Recticel Group, one of the world’s largest producers of insulation products. This electrical installation formed part of the new 56,000sq ft warehouse extension and manufacturing improvement project to facilitate the 40% growth in production volumes.

One Way was appointed to this project, which was to be completed over a phased program of works to allow the continuous, uninterrupted operation of the client’s manufacturing business. This involved the extension of the existing LV distribution panel and the modification of high-level busbar trunking to allow the installation of an additional LV Panel close to the new manufacturing plant. A high-level cable ladder system was designed and installed to allow the new supplies to be distributed around the factory to various locations. Data and control circuits supplemented the installation that was completed within the given time frame. A breakdown of the project included:

  • Extension of the main LV electrical panel to accommodate new supply requirements
  • Extension of existing power busbar trunking system
  • Installation of new LV sub-mains distribution panels
  • Design and Installation of high-level cable ladder containment
  • Design and Installation of new sub-mains supplies to saw line equipment
  • Design and installation of sub-mains supplies to the dust extraction system
  • Installation of control circuits and data infrastructure supplies
  • Close liaison with European contracts manager.
  • Effective partnership with 3 different European installation teams

Client Feedback

“One Way played an integral part in our major site expansion project. The upgrading of our existing LV supply panels and the installation of all the electrical distribution to our new machinery was undertaken.

On plan and on budget…I’d rate that as a complete and competently managed project! All work then and since has been done to a very consistently high standard with minimal disruption to our operations.”

Ian Dodd
Engineering Projects Manager

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