Winterproof Your Lighting


Now that winter has arrived, the clocks have gone back and the days are shorter, having ample light at business premises is extremely important at this time of year. By properly illuminating dark areas with and maintaining LED lighting in Derbyshire, companies can stay ahead of the dark evenings and mornings and help improve the safety of both staff and visitors. Different types of LED lighting installation require different sorts of maintenance in the winter, but our electrical contractors can help.


Emergency Escape

Current guidelines stipulate that emergency lighting needs to be tested every month to properly assess the backup battery life is meeting its requirements. If emergency LED lighting in Derbyshire were to fail in winter, it could be particularly dangerous due to the lack of natural light which could prevent people from being able to see emergency exits, hazardous working areas and other obstacles that prevent them from leaving the building in the event of an emergency. Businesses can avoid these risks by ensuring that someone checks their system every month and by booking a ‘full duration’ test once per year that is completed by a competent and qualified electrician.


Exterior Illumination

In the latter months of the year, there is a good chance that employees will be arriving at and leaving work in the dark. Low levels of light coupled with the typically wet, sometimes freezing temperatures in the UK leaves them at risks to falls and trips on company property which could result in injuries or even legal complaints. The best course of action to prevent such incidents is to seek out our LED lighting installation in Derbyshire, to install exterior lighting in high-risk areas. Having ample car park lighting, pathway lighting and loading bay lights will help people to access their workplace with a greater level of safety.


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