Why Upgrade Your Power Distribution Systems?


In every industrial or commercial building, it is common for processes to change over time. As new technology emerges, processes and applications are frequently improved with the addition of new equipment. Regardless of whether your premises is a factory, warehouse, office, or retail unit, it’s likely that new equipment changes your energy distribution needs. At One Way, we can identify these new requirements, and install a mains distribution system that ensures your electricity is transmitted around your building in the most efficient and safest way.

Highly Experienced Electrical Contractors

Whenever you have a significant change to your electrical equipment, it is always important that your electrical switchboard is able to cope with your new system. As power distribution is a complex discipline, it is vital to make sure this is done by highly qualified and trained professionals. Our experienced electrical contractors are certified by NICEIC, CHAS, PASMA and IPAF regulations, and are highly adept in working with a range of different voltages. First assessing your current system, they will then ascertain your needs and can design a tailor-made solution to suit, using our available power distribution manufacturers which include Legrand, Schneider, Eaton and Zucchini.

Sustainable & Reliable Distribution Systems

Once your new mains distribution system has been installed by our electricians, you can be sure that your employees and property are fully protected from any electrical fault risks. Additionally, we design and engineer all of our installations to be as sustainable and cost effective as possible; reducing your business’ carbon footprint, in comparison to older and less efficient systems. With over 30 years in the electrical contracting industry, you can trust that your new power distribution system from One Way is long-lasting and has superior functionality.

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