Why Update to LED Lighting


LED lighting has been around for quite some time but despite its flourishing popularity amongst commercial and industrial businesses, there are still many small and medium-sized enterprises that are using traditional lighting to light up their premises. Our LED lighting installation in Stoke can figuratively and literally illuminate your business, both in terms of light produced and benefits associated with LED’s.


Less Wasted Energy 

Outdated lighting in commercial businesses can be responsible for up to a staggering 80% of onsite electricity usage as it uses excessive amounts of energy to produce what little light they provide. Older lighting styles tend to waste a lot of the energy used, converting it into heat rather than into light, which simply amounts to huge energy costs and irresponsible usage. By comparison, our LED lighting installations in Stoke use very little energy and produce up to 90% more light than traditional bulbs. Not only does this reduce your businesses energy wastage, but it also lights up your business in a more cost-effective way.


Addressing Occupational Issues

Improving your current lighting with our LED lighting installation in Stoke can help your business to address underlying issues. Poor lighting can be responsible for an uncomfortable working environment and underproductive staff. However, with LED lighting, all areas of the business will be more well-lit, which can drastically increase the quality of work your employees are carrying out and can improve health and safety. By eliminating dimness in dangerous working areas, reducing existing glare and minimising risks associated with older, unsafe electrical equipment, you can help reduce the risk of accidents and injury within the business and protect your company against liability.


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