Why Thermographic Surveys are Important


Having your electrical system regularly checked for faults is vital, in order to keep your industrial or commercial property safe. If you have concerns about any electrical equipment and components, thermographic surveys are a comprehensive and non-disruptive way of identifying specific faults. At One Way, we understand how important it is to keep your production line running. Our thermographic surveys in Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire can be carried out without interrupting your electrical supply, so your business can continue to operate whilst our expert tradesmen are inspecting.

How do Thermographic Surveys Work?

Using infrared radiation cameras, thermographic surveys can detect any unusually high temperatures, or ‘hot spots’, in your electrical circuits and equipment. These hot spots can show up for a variety of reasons, such as loose connections, defective and aging equipment, or socket overloading. When high temperatures can be seen on our thermal imaging cameras, this indicates potential electrical failure. Our specialist electricians at One Way will then highlight these faults to you and recommend appropriate action to resolve them, before the issues worsen.

When Does a Thermographic Survey Need to be Completed?

If you are concerned about any of your industrial or commercial electrical equipment, it is imperative that you have a thermographic survey carried out by an accredited engineer. Our thermographic survey service will identify all electrical faults, with our infrared cameras able to detect hot spots that you may not have noticed. We recommend that inspections are carried out routinely in your maintenance schedule, to ensure that any electrical weaknesses are spotted before becoming dangerous.

Keep Your Business Safe

Carried out by our experienced inspection engineers, our thermographic surveys will analyse your electrical system in depth and report any issues that arise. To find out how we can keep your business safe in Stoke, Staffordshire, Cheshire or Derbyshire, contact us today. Call 01782 595 600 or email info@onewayelectrical.co.uk.

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