Why Have LED Lighting?


Many workplaces have been slower to make the switch to LED lighting over the last decade but with more and more pressure on businesses to be environmentally friendly, there has never been a better time to switch. LED lighting installation provides businesses with an energy efficient light source as 95% of the energy they use is converted to light while only 5% is wasted as heat. Compared with incandescent bulbs, which emit over 90% of the energy they use as heat, it’s easy to see why businesses can benefit from LED lighting installation.

Save Money

Businesses who have had LED light installations can benefit from reduced running costs. As the LED lights waste less energy, businesses will pay less to run an LED for a full working day, than they would incandescent lighting. What’s more, as LED’s are long lasting, with a lifetime of 50,000 times more than the average bulb, so less money will be spent on replacement bulbs in the long run.

Boost Productivity

Businesses can only make money and turn a profit if their workforce is motivated, so providing a good work environment is key. Poor lighting has been shown to increase instances of eye strain, dizziness, headaches and absenteeism in staff. As LED lighting is significantly more natural and whiter than other forms of light, having LED lighting installed can help alleviate these problems, and keep staff on track.

Increase Safety

Our LED Lighting installations have a number of applications in the workplace, including for emergency lighting. These long-lasting, clear bright lights are ideal for eliminating emergency exit signs and can improve overall safety when used throughout an office can help employees to see hazards, recognise danger and operate more safely.

Be in Control

One Ways LED Lighting installation can allow for greater user control as they can be altered to suit different employee needs as we can create different circuits for different areas. Dimmers can be installed so that the level of light can be set just to the liking on staff, encouraging them to be more productive and eliminating screen glares.

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