Why Choose Bespoke LED Lighting Design


With winter on the horizon, many businesses are preparing to start work in the dark and finish work when the sun has set again. With shorter days and longer nights to prepare for, lighting becomes more of an important factor in keeping premises safe and allowing for the continuation of businesses in the new season. Many companies are still using fluorescent or yellow lighting to light their offices, but this sort of light can cause health problems and is not quality enough to ensure maximum safety for employees. Our LED lighting design in Cheshire is a much better option, that takes into account all the unique variables.

Why LED’s?

Our LED lighting design in Cheshire is passionate about using these market leading bulbs in all of our installations because they offer many benefits over their rivals. Firstly, they have a longer lifespan, lasting up to ten years before are replacement bulb is needed. Not only is this exceptionally eco friendly but it also proves as a cost-effective investment for our clients as they have less replacement bulbs to purchase. Secondly, LED’s have a second green credential, in that they use less energy than some of their counterparts. Instead of converting some of the energy consumed into heat, LED bulbs use 100% of the energy they use for light.

Bespoke Designs

By crafting our LED lighting design in Cheshire around the unique needs of a premises, we can ensure maximum safety and excellent value. For companies with more hazards like heavy machinery or hazardous areas, more lighting is needed and so we can factor these into our designs to help operators have a full field of vision. What’s more if a business has energy targets to meet, we can insert automatic timers and dimmers into our systems so that they can save energy and money.

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