Which Cable Containment Is Right for My Business?


As part of the Power Distribution Systems that we offer at One Way, Cable Containment is vital to ensure that live wires are out of reach and out of sight. Having a neat system of Cable Containment for your workplace is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a necessary step to keeping your employees and visitors safe. Our Stoke-based skilled engineers can design and install a range of different systems, from heavy-duty Trunking to our lightweight Cable Trays. Here, we have compiled a list of our most popular systems of Cable Containment, to help you decide on the right system for your business.

  • Cable Ladders & Cable Trays:

Usually used in industrial settings, cable ladders are used to house wiring from Power Distribution switch rooms. Cable Trays are then connected to build a durable system that allow the safe transportation of power from the switch room to the intended destination, either in a warehouse, office, medical facility, or commercial area.

  • Wire Baskets

Similar to Cable Trays but with a more lightweight design, our Wire Baskets are designed to house lighter data and electrical cabling. They can be easily clipped together to disguise wiring, ideal for installations that require more discretion in their design.

  • PVC Cable Trunking systems:

Available in a rigid or flexible variety to fit in complex areas, Trunking systems are lengths of robust tubes that can protect and route cables and are fitted to walls or ceilings. One Way, we can offer PVC trunking in a range of sizes to suit your required space, as a versatile solution for cable containment.

  • Conduit Systems

Comparable to PVC Trunking, Conduit systems are instead made of steel, to transport cabling to electrical sockets and individual pieces of equipment. The steel is galvanised, or powder coated before installation, for added durability and safety.

Flexible and Bespoke Containments

No matter the size or space of your premises, our electrical contractors in Staffordshire are skilled in designing and installing the most appropriate Cable Containment solutions. For more complex spaces, we are able to provide tailor-made designs comprising of a variety of various components. Taking into account your available budget, we can create bespoke fabrications that will keep your electrical cables neatly and safely out of sight.

Should you require more information about which Cable Containment solutions are right for your business in Cheshire, Manchester, Derbyshire or Staffordshire, contact a member of our team today. Call 01782 595 600, or email info@onewayelectrical.co.uk.

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