Where to go for Emergency Lighting?


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For a business owner the thought of designing an emergency lighting system can seem daunting, which is why at One Way we have a team dedicated to just that. Our highly qualified and experienced unit of designers and engineers can be employed to ensure that your workplace is as safe and efficient as it possibly can be.


One Way is, amongst other things, an emergency light company, and as such along with designing emergency lights, we install them. As emergency light installers our team of experienced engineers are familiar with fitting emergency lights in a range of different settings, for a range of different industries, and of different sizes.

Lighting supplied and installed:

  • Standalone bulkheads
  • Integral fittings to match the normal lighting
  • Non-Maintained
  • Twin beam high output units
  • Maintained
  • IP rated fittings for external use
  • Over door exit fittings


Our coverage means that One Way can supply emergency lighting testing to Staffordshire, Cheshire, and beyond. We find this maintenance is an integral part of ensuring the safety of yourselves, your employees, and customers, as well as a great way to spot any minor issues before they turn into bigger, more expensive ones down the line. For the design, installation, and maintenance of emergency lighting, consider the seasoned experts at One Way.

Other Services

As a diverse company, we do not only deal in emergency lighting. Other areas of expertise include thermographic surveys, power distribution systems, and LED lighting.

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