When to Book A Thermographic Survey


A thermographic survey involved thermal imaging of a building, in particular its electrical installations and equipment. Using specialist equipment, electrical contractors carry out the work and present their findings to the building owner or renter so that any detected faults of inefficiencies can be corrected. By their nature, thermographic surveys are designed to locate problems or to find elements of a system that are pre-disposed to issues and so there are 3 main reasons why a business or commercial enterprise would require this service.

Commissioning of New Equipment

Thermography is used to identify potential defects at the earliest possible stage which enables remedial works to be carried out before a building or equipment is handed over. If an industrial site such as a factory is gaining a new piece of equipment that will use a significant amount of electricity, using a thermographic survey can ensure that every element of the machinery is consuming electric as it should be and that there are no internal faults that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

Maintenance Activities

All electrics inside of a business require maintenance from time to time and while portable appliances undergo regular PAT testing, and installations such as emergency lights and fire alarms are regularly tested, the internal electrical system sometimes gets forgotten when a business is scheduling in maintenance. Like all other consumers however, wiring, distribution boards and circuit boards can become prone to faults if not correctly maintained which can lead to increased risk to employees.

Identification of Faults

The key role of a thermographic survey is to identify areas of excess heat within a network of electricals, which can be indicative of a fault or highlight an inefficiency. Both of these issues can be problematic if not identified and rectified as inefficient systems result in higher energy consumption and higher energy bills, while faults can pose a direct threat to life and can lead to shocks or even fires.

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