When it Comes to Cable Containment


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Cable containment may not be the first thing on your mind when considering major projects, but it’s one of the most integral elements of any electrical system, allowing for the safe, self-contained flow of electricity from the mains all through your building.

As a one-stop shop for all things electrical, our team is comprised of experienced cable containment designers and installers. When you employ One Way to complete a main distributions system, we complete a full cable containment system as part of the process. For professional electrical containment, think One Way.

It is essential that a cable containment system be completed to ensure the safety of persons, as well as for the security of the building and the wires themselves. These systems come in many forms, as to adjust to the needs and requirements of each building. Our electrical contractors are familiar with recognising which system will fit best. Just some of the cable containment systems we use are:

  • cable ladders
  • trays
  • trunking
  • conduit

Whatever your cable containment needs are, One Way are more than suited to assess and complete the design and installation of these essential solutions to electrical distribution and safety.

Other Services

As touched upon, we offer at myriad of other services at One Way, including the design and installation of LED lighting and fire alarm systems, amongst others.

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