What’s in a Planned Preventative Maintenance Programme?


A Planned Preventative Maintenance Programme keeps you in control and organised ahead of time as we arrange a scheduled maintenance routine for your machines and equipment. Our specialists will test your services at regular intervals to ensure optimum performance and present their findings for you to peruse. Consider our maintenance programme a long-term investment for protecting your machinery and a way to run your business efficiently and cost-effectively.


Bespoke Programme

The programme we create for you will be tailored to your site specifically as we factor in your equipment and requirements from us. Organisation is the cornerstone of this service, even down to the finest detail, and we schedule expert visits via our CRM system a month in advance to ensure your schedule is prioritised. We notify you of the agreed time and date via the written word, so you have confirmation because excellent service takes precedence.


Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting Maintenance

Every business is acutely aware of the importance of regular fire alarm testing and our fire alarm maintenance service includes a full test of the control panel, any ancillary devices and links, smoke, heat detection and sounders. A comprehensive service is carried out at regular intervals with our Planned Preventative Maintenance Programme by our trained FIA Engineers. Their expertise helps you to meet the requirements for BS5839 while remaining within your budget. Equally, all emergency lighting must meet the British Standard BS5266 and be fully operational. The programme ensures any faults are located ahead of time, a fix is put in place and the condition of your emergency lighting is observed.


Motors and Controls


The requirement for motors and controls is comparatively less frequent but nevertheless of equal importance. Also performed by our trained team, annual checks for heat damage, corrosion or tightness are carried out on your connections and terminations as part of our planned maintenance.


When you arrange a scheduled maintenance routine with One Way, you gain access to a reliable, high standard of service as we pride ourselves on being easy to contact and multi-faceted in how you can get in touch. Whether you prefer to call, email or even send a fax, we will reply promptly with the answer to any queries you may have.

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