What is a Thermographic Survey?


A thermographic survey as conducted by One Way is an efficient, non-invasive way of procuring relevant information in regard to the state of your electrical systems. As the name suggests, this method involves utilising thermal imaging technology with the aim of locating heat signatures that are unusual to the normal running of the electrical systems.

There is always, for example, a ‘hot spot’ generated prior to an electrical fault or failure, ensuring identification of these potential faults simple with a thermographic survey curtesy of One Way. This a particularly useful method for large commercial buildings or industrial estates that would otherwise take a lot more time to assess. In this regard, thermographic surveys are a time saving solution too.

It is essential that all circuits are running during the survey. This is due to the fact it is only when a system is under load that a weakness, fault, or hot spot can be identified. Along with thermographic surveys, we also offer bespoke electrical design and installation services surrounding energy efficient lighting, fire alarms, and much more. This allows us to be the first point of call for several commercial and industrial businesses.

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