What Goes into Electrical Containment Work?


Electrical containment work is an important part of installing a businesses’ electrical infrastructure, with cable containment responsible for supporting cables, providing easy maintenance access and to make installations neat and aesthetically pleasing. Here at One Way we use many forms of cable management components, to ensure that the electrical containment work we provide is bespoke and meets the unique needs of your business.

Cable Ladder & Cable Trays

 A cable ladder is a system of slotted rail ‘ladder’ like structures that is employed to contain wiring from the low voltage distribution switch room. Typically, a cable tray will then be installed to transport this energy to its end location such as an office, warehouse or retail space.

Wire Baskets

A wire basket is a variant of a cable tray which while not as strong, is lighter and easier to install. Our electrical containment work will make use of these components where lighter cabling needs to be contained, such as when we are completing data cabling for a business.


Conduit is lengths of robust tubes made from either PVC or steel, that are used to protect and route electrical wiring around different areas or rooms within a business. Our engineers are able to source both rigid and flexible conduit dependent on what is the most appropriate installation for the electrical containment work being carried out.

Trunking Variants

Our electrical containment work makes use of many different types of trunking. Mini & maxi trunking is rectangular and made from PVC. This trunking is usually used for data cabling, fibre cabling or power. Compartment trunking usually has at least 2 compartments and can be used as a discreet installation alternative and is disguised as skirting, dado rails or cornices. Floor trunking is specially adapted for installation within floor voids and has 2 or more compartments.

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