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Our expert team of electrical engineers have been providing commercial mains distribution systems for many years, ensuring that we work with a number of different suppliers, so that we can provide a system that meets and exceeds the needs of each individual client. We understand that pinning down what you need from a distribution system might be a challenge, which is why we meticulously cover every aspect of business, ensuring we incorporate all the electrical demands into our design, so what is our technique?

Make It Safety

The number one priority of any electrical installation, but one that is particularly important with mains distribution systems is safety. Given that the nature of mains electrical supplies makes them powerful and potentially lethal if handled incorrectly, installing them safely is absolutely paramount, which is why all of our engineers are accredited by NICEIC and CHAS, two organisations that place a huge emphasis on the health and safety responsibilities of their members. Our contractors have undertaken extensive training specific to their roles and all hold relevant qualifications ensuring that they can effectively and safely install this type of electrical system.

Make It Efficient

Efficiency is one of the key ingredients when designing a mains distribution system and like anything in business the more efficient something is, the better value it becomes. By using a variety of panel manufacturers, we can create a bespoke system for each client, that distributes electricity in a manner that is most beneficial to the unique requirements of the business and as cost effective as can be. By minimising wastage and maximising on efficiency, we can help businesses to save money in the long run and to reduce energy consumption overall.

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