The Importance Of Regular PAT Testing


PAT testing is the regular checking of electrical appliances. Electrical appliances and equipment at times become risky for use to the persons who might not have a little bit of information concerning the usage of the electrical gadgets. This raises the need for the examination of the electrical appliances and equipment.

In helping reduce the chances of an accident occurring due to faulty electric gadgets, the portable Appliance Testing was adopted. The Portable Appliance Testing describes the examining of the electrical appliances and the equipment in order to ensure that they are safe to use. Though some electrical defects can be found using our eyes, there are some types of electrical defects that can only be found by testing.

Carrying out a PAT test to electrical appliances is of great importance as it helps in meeting the needs of your health and safety policy and The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 which requires that any electrical equipment that has the potential to cause injury is maintained in a safe condition. It is important that PAT testing be carried out in both the rentable residential properties and commercial premises within given intervals.Contractor using PAT testing equipment on computers

This can be done annually and it will foster regular checks on the electrical gadgets and reduce the chances of occurrence of the emergencies or risks that might be associated with the breakdown of the electrical systems. For example, the occurrence of a power surge due to systems being worn out will be reduced by performing a PAT test.
PAT Testing helps the owners to know the status of their electrical devices.

The labels used on PAT gives the date of the past conduct of a test, a date for the next testing and details of the agency conducting the test. The dates will help the owner know when the test is carried out and when the next test should be done. The details concerning the agency also help if there is an issue with the device, making it easier to notify them. Sometimes the electric devices may have problems before the next testing and this gives the owner an advantage due to the details left by the company.

There is usually a PAT test label, ‘pass’ that gives an identification that the manufacturers gave a sure sign to a state of safety and a ‘fail’ which means that manufacturers taking on the test did not conduct the test as needed thus should not be used. The name of the PAT test expert may be taken down so as if the owner has an issue with the test he/she can have the company follow the issue and be compensated.

PAT testing is important as it increases the knowledge and the speed of the transfer and the imitation of the organizational capabilities. The PAT testing will ensure that the organization is using the appropriate technology and it will help in renovating the defective systems. Consequently, the renovation will help in the adjustment of the strength and speed of the system. The innovating firm shall be able to improve the product deterring the possibility of imitation by other organizations that might be dealing with a similar type of product. This will help in maintaining customer loyalty.

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