The Importance of Compliant Fire Alarm Systems


When it comes to ensuring that your business is protected from fire risks, the UK government recommends that all fire alarm systems should be both installed and maintained in accordance with British Standards BS 5839. Compliancy needs to be considered in the design, the installation and the maintaining of your fire alarm system and our fire alarm installation in Stoke can help keep your company protected and fan the flames of your businesses reputation.

Fire Alarm Design

Current UK legislation states that all businesses should have an ‘appropriate fire detection system’ and exactly what that means will depend on the type of business your company does and what sort of property you work in. There are different types of fire alarm installation and our team in Stoke will recommend the most suitable for your premises, be it conventional, addressable or wireless. During the design stages, our qualified installers adhere to the BS 5893 to ensure that your system adequately covers your business needs.


Fire alarm systems come in a range of ‘grades’ and ‘categories’ which define how your fire alarm should be constructed (grades) and which areas of the building they should cover (categories). The nature of your business activities will determine what sort of fire alarm installation you require to be compliant but generally, businesses require grade A-C which offer more substantial protection than grades D–F grade. Our fire alarm installation team in Stoke will identify exactly what grade and category your business requires to be compliant and will install it so that it meets these exacting standards.


The biggest area of compliance comes under maintenance, as fire alarm systems need to be regularly tested and serviced in order to protect your company. The BS 5893 specifies that a weekly test should be carried out at any business premises to identify any areas of concern and ensure that the system is working as it should be. While you can carry out the test by manually activating different call points, servicing or repair work is required to be carried out by your fire alarm company.

Our fire alarm installation team in Stoke are available to ensure compliance in fire alarm systems for all manner of businesses. Call our team on 01782 595 600 for more information.

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