The Importance of Cable Containment


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As designers and installers of mains distribution systems, One Way is comprised of electrical contractors from Staffordshire that automatically design and implement effective and
integral cable containment systems.

The containments solutions we use include cable ladders, trays, trunking, and conduit. These installations come in a range of shapes and are applied to suit the needs of your power distribution
system exactly. These ensure your cable systems are kept safe and secure, helping to protect your establishment (and those inside it). Our experienced electrical contractors are able to fit bespoke cable containment fabrications on site when the needs arise.

Mains Distribution
The essential implementation of safe power within a building is an increasingly complicated and delicate discipline. Our team of designers and installers at One Way are seasoned
professions with years under their belt. Cable containment is all a part of this process, of ensuring a safe mains distribution system for your establishment.

Other Services
One Way provide several other services such as emergency lighting installation, fire alarm installation, and conduct thermographic surveys. Our maintenance contracts are also available to ensure faults are prevented before they happen.

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