The False Economies of Cheap Data Cabling


When it comes to business, saving money where possible always seems like an attractive prospect, but where infrastructure is concerned, cost-cutting can be disastrous. It’ important to remember that a cheap price tag often means corners are cut or inadequate materials are employed, and these risks are not worth it when it comes to your wiring. As experts in data cabling in Stoke, we know the importance of investing in a goo upfront solution, to avoid the installation costing even more down the line.

Cheap and Non-Compliant Components

To the untrained eye, data cabling components look non-suspect, but the quality of them can differ enormously. Commonly installers who cut corners use copper-clad aluminium cable which is widely available from electrical wholesales and is cheaper than solid copper cable, but it is vastly inferior and detrimental to the network.

Not Allowing for Expansion

As a company grows, so too does the need for office space and often network expansion. Our data cabling in Stoke always ensures designs are accommodating for any future expansions so that businesses can easily slot into the existing network by installing more outlets, rather than requiring a new system.

Rush the Installation

While time is of the essence when it comes to getting data cabling networks up and running, it’s important to remember that a speedy installation is not synonymous with quality installation. It takes time to properly secure cables so that they don’t pose a threat to the workforce and what’s more most businesses don’t want a messy and untidy network.

Don’t Properly Test

Even more concerningly, a quick data cabling installation could mean that the team have skipped or shortened the testing phase, which puts the business directly at risk. The test equipment required to certify an installation against British Standards is very expensive and testing is time-consuming but rest assured, it will ensure the data cabling works to an exceptional standard.

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