The Benefits of Installing LED Lighting


Energy Efficient

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One of the many reasons that LED lighting is becoming an ever-popular choice for commercial and industrial properties is that it is incredibly energy efficient. In a typical building 40% of energy usage is accounted for in lighting alone, and the costs associated with this usage are seen to drop when LEDs are installed. In some cases this number can rise to 80% where the lighting is so outdated that it is simply draining your wallet. At One Way we have a number of LED Lighting designers and engineers to ensure not one part of your property is left out.

Environmentally Conscious

Not only is outdated lighting needlessly draining your accounts, they are needlessly draining the environment too. The switch to LEDs will naturally save energy, saving power, reducing needless waste. Moreover, a company that installs LED lighting will be able to demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and carbon reduction strategy to its supply chain and customers. For LED Lighting installation in Manchester and the surrounding areas covered, think One Way.

Improve Productivity

Did you know that with the right lighting you can improve the productivity and effectiveness of the people working under them? Well, we do. Not only that, there is regular funding available in the form of grants to get you started on your lighting switch and we are able to provide more information on request.

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