The Benefits of Addressable Fire Alarms


It’s undisputed that all businesses should have an adept fire alarm system in place in order to protect both the company and all those within. Since the introduction of conventional systems, there have been a number of advancements including the conception of addressable fire alarm systems which are now the industry standard systems. These fire alarm installations by our team in Staffordshire offer many advantages over conventional systems including reduced costs, quicker installation and increased safety.

Better Safety

In the event that a fire does break up, and the addressable system allows business owners and fire safety professionals the advantage of pinpointing the exact place the fire began. These fire alarm installations in Staffordshire are set up so that each device that makes up the circuit has a unique identifier or ‘address’ which is displayed on the mains panel. By alerting staff to the exact area of the fire, these systems can be programmed to trigger sprinklers in only the affected zones and can help fire marshals to carry out phased evacuations and get everybody in the immediate danger to safety.

Simple Set-Up

Addressable fire alarm systems are designed to be wires in loops, instead of the radials of conventional systems, so that detectors, interfaces and sounders can be set up on the same wiring, for all zones. Without the need for additional wiring, in different areas, our fire alarm installations in Staffordshire can be carried out quickly and efficiently, minimising disruption to your business as well as costly and unsightly wiring.

Reduced Cost

Thanks to the reduced amount of cabling needed for addressable fire alarm systems, there is also a reduction in cost. While these systems can be expensive, they last much longer when compared to conventional systems and do not need parts to be replaced as frequently, driving down costs in the long run. As our fire alarm installers in Staffordshire work with a number of brands, we can create a bespoke system for your unique business needs, within a budget.

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