The Benefits LED Lighting for Business


Over the last decade LED lighting for commercial businesses has become a must-have, as pressure mounts on businesses to become more environmentally friendly. Besides boosting green credentials, it presents many benefits to businesses including reduced running costs, lower outgoings and superior lighting. Our LED Lighting installation in Staffordshire can be employed as part of a new build or can be retrofit to existing buildings who are looking to make the change.

Longer Lasting

Our LED lighting in Staffordshire lasts significantly longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, lasting up to 50,000 hours compared to just 1,500. Installed LED lighting will need far less maintenance than traditional forms and will save your business money, purely in the number of replacement bulbs you will need over the lifetime of the installation. What’s more, LED bulbs use far less energy, so your business can look forward to lower energy bulbs and decreased energy consumption once LED lighting is fitted.

Better Brightness

Typically LED lighting provides better brightness than CFL or incandescent bulbs which need to ‘warm-up’ before reaching their full brightness. Our LED lighting installations in Staffordshire, however, are fully lit from the moment you flick them on and will maintain a constant level of brightness until you turn them off. Not only do LED’s use less energy to power, but your business gets more brightness too – with no energy being wasted to ‘warm-up’.

Cutting Costs

One of the biggest complaints against LED lighting in Staffordshire businesses, was that it used to be expensive to install. Now as LED lighting is the industry standard and the demand is growing, manufacturers are reducing their prices to stay competitive.  One Way have the advantage of working with several manufacturers to create your unique LED lighting solution, so this allows us the freedom to seek the best deals and supply your company with a cost-effective installation.

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