Taking Emergency Lighting Seriously


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In the unfortunate event of a fire, emergency lighting will stay powered long enough for any customers and employees to exit the building safely and securely without the undue panic of where the closest way out might be. Operating on a battery run system, rather than connected to the main power source, our emergency lighting installations will operate throughout a given emergency. As electrical contractors we have a rather extensive coverage, and therefore have quite extensive experience installing emergency lighting in Derbyshire, Staffordshire, and the surrounding areas.


The initial discussions involved in the design process should include the owner / occupier of the premises, the system designer, the installer, the supplier of the equipment and the fire authority, as recommended in BS 5266-1. Not only can we complete new fits, but upgrade older systems where required, in order to make sure they’re up to scratch. For emergency lighting in Derbyshire, think One Way.


Our experienced workforce are all 18th edition qualified electricians, able to undertake all sizes of installation. The types of lights we can supply and install include non-maintained, maintained, over door exit fittings, standalone bulkheads, and more.


One Way recommend you complete emergency lighting testing at least once a year, and as such we provide a full testing service, which lasts around three hours. Along with these tests, our emergency lighting maintenance services include repairs on any faulty equipment, whether that be because of bulb or module ballast unit

For Emergency Lighting in Derbyshire

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