Switch Your Warehouse Lighting in Stoke


Of all the electricity used in the United Kingdom, about 20% is consumed by lighting with non-domestic lighting being responsible for the production of 24 million tonnes of C02 per year! When businesses operate out of industrial sites and warehouses, these spaced require huge amounts of power to light them, often due to a lack of windows and natural light. Installing our energy-efficient warehouse lighting in Stoke is a great way for a business to minimise their bills while improving the quality of light that their premises receives.


Better Quality of Light

Traditional warehouse lighting comprises of either sodium or metal halide light fittings which take huge amounts of energy to power but produce low levels of light that spreads in all directions as opposed to straight down. With warehouse fittings being placed high up on the roof of a warehouse, the intensity of the light gets lower and lower the further to the ground it has to project, making the quality on the floor, questionable. With energy-efficient fixtures, companies warehouse lighting can be drastically improved, with fittings which use reflectors to direct light to where it is most needed that produces whiter, cleaner, brighter light with much less power.


Less Wastage

Aside from the amount of C02 produced by old warehouse lighting, it can also produce a lot of heat, which goes to waste high up in the rafters of the buildings. As a business owner, wastage of any sort eats into the profits and is bad news for those who want to minimise their outgoings. With energy-efficient warehouse lighting from One Way, we do the calculations for you and work out just how much you could be saving each year by switching to LED lighting and employing controls such as dimmers and occupancy detectors.


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