Supplying Power with Mains Distribution


All companies rely on the effective distribution of electricity throughout their premises, not only to supply a range of devices but to ensure that electricity is being handled safely and the chance of surges or outages are reduced. The effective distribution of power is a complex discipline, so businesses must employ a qualified and experienced expert, like our electrical contractors in Staffordshire, to design, install and maintain their mains distribution systems.


What is a Mains Distribution System?

A mains distribution system is part of the electrical system that carries electricity around a building ensuring that areas with differing needs are receiving the correct amount of voltage. Our electrical contractors Staffordshire start their design and installation at the business’s suppliers, high voltage incoming point, before directing the supply into specifically designed high voltage distribution switchgear. From here, the electricity is fed into one or more transformers, to which low voltage tails are connected into low voltage distribution panel boards, where our engineers divide the output up into sub-distribution boards that feed different areas of the building or pieces of equipment.


The Design 

There is no one size fits all when it comes to the distribution of power around a building and how the power source is distributed will vary based on a range of factors. Offices with phones and computers will need far less power distributing to the main floor than say a factory operating production line. Fortunately, our electrical contractors in Staffordshire have years of experience applying their mains distribution knowledge to a variety of businesses from small retail stores to enormous warehouses and everything in between. The One Way team can design, install and maintain your mains distribution system, using a range of suppliers and components to do so. Having the freedom to work across brands ensures that we can create the most suitable solution for your business.


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