Spot Problems Before They Occur


Electrical faults, malfunctions and breakdowns can be extremely damaging to businesses, particularly if there is a significant amount of downtime as a result. These interruptions in the day to day order of business are not only a nuisance but can be extremely costly, both in terms of repairs and lost hours and so avoiding them is of paramount importance. It’s not always easy to spot a disaster in the making, but thermographic surveys can do exactly that!

Go Behind the Scenes

Much of any businesses electrical system is hidden behind walls, cable containment components, in-ceiling and under floors, so it’s not always easy to see them, or whether they are working to the best of their ability. A lot of the time, it only becomes apparent that an electrical system has failed when what it is supplying, no longer works, often resulting in unplanned downtime and maintenance. Although invisible to the naked eye, many electricals do have a warning sign that they’re not working properly, which is usually high levels of heat. Even if obscured behind walls, thermographic surveys can pick up on this heat using infra-red technology and offer businesses the chance to rectify these issues before they cause a real problem.

Dodge Danger

 Downtime and power outages are not the only risks of faulty electrics, fire and shocks are a very real possibility, particularly from overloaded sockets or exposed wiring. These risks are obviously to be avoided at all costs as it could result in serious harm to employees or even the total closure of businesses for an extended period. Thermographic surveys form part of a good business maintenance schedule and help to protect the business and its staff in line with the Electricity at Work Act, which requires precautions to be taken against the risk of injury from electricals used as part of work activities.

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