Should I Switch to LED Lighting?


Most companies who use our LED lighting installation service in Derbyshire, choose to make the switch to LED technology to help their energy efficiency improve. Aside from being one of the most ecologically and economically sound investments a business could make, studies have shown that LED lighting in the workplace can also benefit businesses in unexpected ways.

Employee Wellbeing

Recent studies have shown that LED lighting in an industrial setting can improve employee wellbeing and alertness. The spectral characteristics of LED lights can reduce melatonin production, the chemical produced that makes humans feel sleepy. By inhibiting this hormone in the workforce, employees will be more wakeful, which will boost performance and reduce the risk of injury or accidents. In industrial settings where there are often targets to meet and many hazardous processes, employee wellbeing is vital as employees who report job satisfaction, are more likely to be retained by the company and be more productive, meaning better profit margins.

Boost Brightness

As well as using less energy and using it more efficiently, our LED lighting installation in Derbyshire are brighter in the light they emit. Compared to traditional bulbs, which are yellowy and dull, LED’s produce a cleaner, whiter light that better illuminates the area below. When installed in the roofs or high ceilings, the projection of light is more direct onto the ground beneath, offering greater illumination than traditional bulbs, which sometimes project light sideways, where it is wasted. This amounts to better working conditions for staff who are likely to report better job satisfaction and promote the business in a good light.

Make the Switch

Our LED lighting installation in Derbyshire is a relatively low-cost service that can help companies to save money, reduce energy waste and improve their output. Compared with other lighting installations, LED lighting is associated with relatively low maintenance, with bulbs lasting longer than traditional light fittings and being cheaper to replace as fewer are needed in the lifetime of the installation.

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