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The winter season is a time of excitement with Christmas and New Year to contend with. As longer nights and colder days are with us it’s a time when we shut ourselves indoors, wrapped up with extra layers, the heaters turned up and the hot drinks flowing.

As the end of the day or weekend draws near, workers fall over themselves to shut up shop and retreat home once again for warmth and creature comforts. Extra security measures can often be overlooked but it’s important to remain vigilant and check defences, as the winter period is also rife with dark opportunists.

To be specific: it is important your business is secure during winter with security alarms, door-entry systems, exterior and interior camera systems and climate monitoring devises (should you need them).

Security testing time

Whilst businesses have shut down for several days in December and January, incidents do not. Things can and do go wrong. If you are a business owner, you can’t risk becoming complacent.

Double-check your security systems and do the same with your electrics. Your electrical systems will be under increased load during these cold, dark days so it is a good time to ensure proper working order. Inspection methods such as fixed wiring testing and PAT testing are ideal for this purpose, as they can detect any faults or potential dangers.

Seasonal crime prevention security

The winter period is a bumper time for criminals who take advantage of lax security systems and/or people failing to adopt sensible measures, especially during holiday breaks.

Don’t give criminals an opportunity to target your business because of poorly secured premises, making it an open invitation. Theft and damage are common at this time especially to empty buildings during this month but this is preventable.

How much security do you need? This depends upon the type of business you have, the area and local crime rates.

If you have perimeter fencing or gates check that they are in good working order. Ensure that all gates are padlocked. Use access control systems on entrances and doors as you can determine who has permission to enter your premises and when and where. Don’t leave ladders or any other items lying around that could be used for illegal entry.

You should have warning signs such as ‘CCTV in operation’ erected around the premises. Ensure that these have a clear view at all times – no obstructions in front of the cameras.

Install security lights with motion detectors or timers and make sure they are placed at a high level so they cannot be tampered with. Motion activated lighting is a good choice and should be used in addition to your existing floodlights or other security lighting system.

Keep doors and windows locked. Fit bars across windows or boards and if there are any signs of damage, repair or replace this. Windows are a popular form of access for a criminal so ensure these are as secure as possible.

Our qualified, expert staff can advise you about the right level of security for your business. What precautions you should take, and what will happen if someone tries to break into your premises.

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