Saving Energy Over Christmas


From PC’s to fridges, office equipment accounts for around 15% of electrical energy usage in the UK and many businesses leave these electrical devices on over the festive period. Our electrical contractors in Staffordshire are eager to encourage businesses to reduce their energy consumption all year round, but by turning off devices over periods of low occupancy like Christmas, companies can save money too.

Switch Off Lights

Both Christmas lighting and normal lighting account for huge energy consumption over the festive period, and when there is low occupancy in the office, much of this is wasted. Our electrical contractors in Staffordshire advise companies to turn off all non-essential lighting or to install occupancy detectors or timeclocks so that lights are only illuminated when necessary. By switching to lighting controls over Christmas, you can shave pounds from your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint.

Identify High Consumers

Knowing which appliances consume the most amount of energy in a business can pay dividends at Christmas time. By obtaining an Electrical Installation Conditioning Report from our electrical contractors in Staffordshire, businesses can identify areas of concern within their electrical systems and make suitable changes quickly as well as address high energy consumers, and ensure that these are the appliances that get turned off during periods of business shut down.

Monitor Loads

Our electrical contractors in Staffordshire offer a load monitoring service to businesses, which can help businesses to monitor their energy usage. It can be particularly useful after the festive period when extra energy is used by Christmas lights, increased thermostats and office parties going late into the night. By plugging in specialist reading equipment to key points in the distribution system, our team can produce a report on energy usage which businesses can use to ensure their electric metre readers are measuring up.

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