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man in yellow vest holding clip boardThe team of electrical contractors here at One Way are on hand to provide safety with a smile when it comes to the proper installation and maintenance of fire alarms and more in Staffordshire.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are an integral tool for the detection of fires on a property, ensuring they can be responded to in due course and the building can be evacuated, saving lives. Of course, it is essential that businesses across the UK can fit and maintain these systems in a way that is cost effective and works. One Way are the seasoned experts on hand to help you update existing systems, install new ones, and ensure the proper maintenance of them. For safety and security, think One Way for fire alarm maintenance in Staffordshire (and across our area of coverage).

Emergency Lighting

Along with fire alarm maintenance, we also provide bespoke emergency lighting design, installation, and maintenance services to ensure your establishment never goes without the necessary safety installations.

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Get in touch with the team at One Way on 01782 595 600 to discuss fire alarm maintenance in Staffordshire. Don’t cut it short, ensure the safety of you and your team today.

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