Why Regular Electrical Maintenance Services Are A Lifesaver!


As with anything in life, maintaining something on a regular basis, such as an electrical appliance, your car … or even you for that matter … keeps it in good order and prevents the risk of an accident or injury. Any signs of damage or ‘wear and tear’ can be spotted sooner rather than later, reducing the costs and inconvenience to you. This is why vehicles undergo an annual MOT, a gas boiler requires an annual inspection and you should be having an annual health MOT.
The same applies to electrical systems in residential, commercial and industrial properties. If you are a homeowner or in charge of a business a well-maintained electrical system is important in terms of safety and efficiency for you and your employees.

It is a false economy to do otherwise not to mention the potential risk associated consequences.

Good reasons for performing a routine electrical maintenance service

Top of the list is safety. Accidents can and do happen and whilst it is tempting to think that because your electrics are working as normal there isn’t a problem, the opposite may be true. There could be an underlying fault or a component showing signs of age that if left unattended, may result in a serious problem further down the line.

If you are an employer, you have a legal duty of care to your employees, keeping them safe and free from harm as per Health & Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines. The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 contains advice for employers about taking precautions to prevent injury or death in their workplace and achieving electrical safety compliance. Think of it as your ‘due diligence’.

Discovering an electrical fault at an early stage means it will be quicker to repair and cheaper, saving you (or your business) time and money. A damaged component or fault will deteriorate over time, to the extent it cannot be fixed and has to be replaced instead. If you are a business owner, you might have to close your premises whilst your electrical system undergoes repair, resulting in loss of income, customers and goodwill. Not to mention the negative impact on your business reputation and as we know, reputation is everything.

Another factor is insurance. Many insurance companies expect you to undertake electrical maintenance on a regular basis as a condition of your policy. If you’re a landlord this must be performed every 5 years or each time there is change of tenant and by a qualified electrician. This is a legal requirement under The Landlords and Tenant Act 1985.

Time to GSI (Get Someone In)

It goes without saying that electrical maintenance services must be carried out by a qualified professional such as registered electrician. Do not let a ‘keen amateur’ have a go as they do not have the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to spot a fault and then deal with it.
This is a job for a fully trained electrician. Enough said.

We offer electrical maintenance services that meet all regulatory and legal standards in domestic, industrial and commercial properties throughout the UK.

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