Reduce Consumption & Costs with Controls


Lighting is one of the single biggest energy expenses that a company will face, with around 20% of energy consumed by these installations. While energy consumption is inevitable, attempts to reduce it can be beneficial both financially and environmentally. Whatever a business motive to reduce energy, usage the most effective way to do so is to control the high consumers and with controls on energy efficient lighting in the workplace, companies can reduce their bills and improve their environmental records.

Easy Efficiency

Many companies wrongfully assume that improving efficiency involves constant policing of employee’s energy use and wandering the grounds turning things on and off. However, this is simply not the case, as LED lighting controls can do the switching on and off for you. Measures such as occupancy detection, daylight detectors and timeclocks take the labour out of reducing consumption by automatically switch lights on or off depending on someone being present in the room, level of light detected and time of day, respectively.

Working Examples

An office with 30 light fittings, which are on for 50 hours per week at an electricity cost of 11.5 pence per kWh could use up to 6,750 kWh of electricity in a week with fluorescent lighting, resulting in 1,712 KG of CO2 production at a cost of £776. The same office, with LED lighting instead of fluorescent, would use 2,250 kWh’s of energy in the same time frame, at a reduced cost of £259 and producing 570 KG’s of CO2, highlighting just how much money a business saves by switching to energy efficient lighting. Take that example up a notch by installing daylight and occupancy installers and the kWh’s used reduces even further to 1,125, CO2 KGs drop to 285 and the cost of running is £130!

If your business wants to benefit from lower energy consumption, reduced costs and a smaller carbon footprint, our team of electrical installers can install new energy efficient lighting controls in new builds as well as retrofit into existing premises.

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