Put the Spark into 2021


It’s the time of year where businesses reflect on the last 12 months and look ahead to the new year, making plans to improve on their successes and become more streamlined. Whether your goal is to generate more business, expand your premises or to increase output, it is vital that important electrical maintenance doesn’t get forgotten. Use this reflective period to book our electrical contractors in Derbyshire for any services you might require in 2021 and invest in the future of you company.

Fire Safety

Our electrical contractors in Derbyshire are accredited to carry out fire alarm maintenance, for a variety of systems. Helping to protect the premises, the workforce and any visitors from the risks that fire poses, having a fully functional alarm system is absolutely paramount for all companies. One Way can offer contract packages to suit the individual needs of any business and can assist and advise on the best practices, provide training on the systems and source logbooks for recording weekly fire alarm tests.

Electrical Load Monitoring

If you’d like to save some money this year or want to look further into the costs of energy for your business, then electrical load monitoring could be the answer. Our electrical contractors in Derbyshire can attach a specialist piece of equipment which then reads the energy usage over a predetermined period of time up to 30 days before creating a report with the findings in. This service can help companies to dispute energy bills or identify high consumers or surges in electrical uses during the timeframe.

Maintenance Contracts

If a company requires a few types of electrical maintenance regularly throughout the year, our team of electrical contractors in Derbyshire can create a planned preventative maintenance contract that incorporates all of the unique requirements of that business.

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