Put Fire Safety First


Fire alarm systems are a major investment for commercial property owners and play a crucial role in protecting your company from potentially catastrophic damage. It is only natural to want to protect your company from danger, be it fire, theft or intrusion, thus having an expertly installed system is of utmost importance. Even if there are no obvious fire risks, a trip in power source or poorly placed electronics can cause a fire to start rapidly, potentially ruining your livelihood, but our fire alarm installation in Stoke can help you put safety first.

Bespoke Installations

No two commercial properties are the same, and neither are the fire alarm requirements from business to business. There is no one size fits all package and designing a solution that accounts for all possible variables is vital for preventing and protecting against fires. Our fire alarm installation team in Stoke, complete a meticulous site survey, assessing every possible risk factor, ensuring our design is completely tailored to the business’s unique requirements. Once we have established the exact needs, we work alongside you to provide a cost-effective and fully comprehensive fire safety solution.

Ongoing Support

Once our fire alarm installation team have completed the design and installed a solution, we remain on hand to support your solution throughout its lifetime. While we have full belief in our systems, they need regular maintenance and testing to ensure that they aren’t being compromised and that they are always operating at full capacity. We offer fire alarm maintenance contract packages and can even help provide logbooks, testing and staff training on the system if required.

If you are a business that needs fire alarm installation in Stoke or would like to set up a maintenance contract with us, give us a call on 01782 595 600.

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