Professional Fire Alarm Installation in Staffordshire


Although it is well known that every property should have a fire alarm, unfortunately, less importance is placed on the need for fire alarm installation. In order to have a safe, functional, and effective fire alarm system, it should always be installed correctly by accredited professionals. For those running a business, this is particularly vital – not only to ensure the safety of staff and clients, but also to conform to fire safety laws and regulations. Highly experienced in the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of fire alarm systems, safety is always our main priority here at One Way.

Why is Professional Installation Important?

When managing an industrial or commercial property, it is imperative that corners are not cut in terms of fire safety. Wireless technology means that there are now a wide range of cutting-edge fire alarm systems available, which provide an alert system, as well automatically contacting the emergency services at an early stage. However, without the right installation, there is no point in purchasing such an advanced system. Not only will lives be endangered, but you can also be held accountable in the case of anything happening. Luckily at One Way, our fire alarm installers in Staffordshire will expertly install your system, and additionally offer regular maintenance checks.

Custom Fire Alarm Design and Maintenance

Our accredited electricians will thoroughly assess your property, before selecting the right system to suit your needs. As we install systems from a range of manufacturers, we can design a system that is bespoke to your premises. Each of our installations is completed to meet to British Standards (BS 5839), by our experienced electricians. Once your fire alarm system has been installed, it’s also essential that regular checks are carried out to ensure correct functionality. We offer fire alarm maintenance packages to our customers, where we can provide logbooks for record weekly testing, and even train your staff on your new system.

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