Preparing to Reopen


As many businesses are making preparations to reopen after the lockdown period and readying for the return of customers and clients, it’s easy to forget about your electrical installations. Whether a business has been operating with a skeleton staff over the last few months, or the premises has been entirely closed, ensuring that everything is working as it should be a top priority, allowing companies to reopen without worrying that there could be outages, breakages or malfunctions leading to further downtime.

Electrical Testing

If a business’s annual testing date for fire alarms, LED lighting, Electrical Installation Conditioning Reports or any other form of routine electrical maintenance was missed during the lockdown period, companies should attempt to get this conducted immediately. Skipping these tests reduces the safety of the premises and could void the businesses insurance if left untested. What’s more, in some circumstances, these tests are a legal requirement, meaning a business could be breaching the law. Look back in the calendar and make appropriate provisions as soon as possible, calling a commercial electrician to undertake any necessary electrical maintenance, before reopening.

Meet Demands

With increased capacity expected, both in terms of staffing and customers, those who rely on electrical installations to function should ensure that they are working to full capacity. If machinery, lighting and service systems have been turned off for extended periods, business owners should do a test that spans the average length of the opening, before actually reopening, to ensure everything is still working as it should be. This way, if any issues are uncovered or repairs need to be made, businesses can source these in plenty of time so that installations are back up and running in time for the re-arrival of customers.

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