PAT Testing Stoke – An Introduction


If you own a commercial property or a business premises then you may want to take a look at the following video from PAT testing Stoke experts. PAT testing is a vital part of owning a commercial property, and it’s the only way to ensure that all your electrical appliances are in safe and good working order.

PAT testing involves a series of tests on particular appliances to determine whether there are any faults, or if there are any risks of immeditate danger because of the electrical components. You will have most likely seen PAT test stickers on appliances at some point, these are put on any appliances that are deemed safe enough to use.

The type of test that is carried depends entirely on the type of appliance. Class 1 are appliances such as your kettle and toaster, whereas class 2 involves appliances such as a TV or DVD player, these two appliances will require different methods of PAT testing.


Experts at PAT testing Stoke believe you should always seek advice from an expert when you acquire a new property to ensure that all the electrical equipment is safe to use. This helps to protect you and others around you, and also gives you peace of mind.

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