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One Way: PAT testing services that can be relied upon, delivered by fully qualified, expert technicians and backed up with years’ worth of industry experience.

Five solid reason why PAT Testing is essential for your commercial premises
1. Electric portable devices must be maintained so as to be safe, as is required by UK law;
2. Health and Safety regulations can be met with the assurance of expert testers;
3. Work that is required upon your electrical appliances can be undertaken swiftly, ensuring that key items within your workplace continue to function as they should;
4. Businesses can meet the requirements set out by their insurance policies;
5. Businesses can have the documents that they need to supply to Fire Officers and Health and Safety Inspectors.

About PAT Testing

What is PAT Testing?
PAT testing, (or Portable Appliance Testing/Inspection) is the official name for inspections within the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand and Australia that check electrical items for levels of safety. The full-term for this form of testing ‘in-service inspection & testing of electrical equipment’.

PAT Testing within the UKpat-testing

PAT testing within the UK is undertaken by all commercial and public premises, including businesses of all shapes and sizes, as well as organisations such as councils whereby housing is provided.
The body that provides for industry guidance upon PAT testing standards is the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology), we recommend that incidental testing is undertaken at 3 month intervals for items such as construction equipment, with other equipment being subject to one year intervals, with longer periods for then re-testing equipment (which may apply to certain appliances within school, hotel, office and shop settings).

Businesses: Are you meeting your legal obligations?
Businesses within the UK are under a plethora of legal obligations that must be followed in order to keep their employees and any visitors to their premises robustly safe.
The law that specifically applies to British Companies is defined within the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 act, which in short states that electrical appliances, wiring and wider electrical systems must be properly maintained properly to prevent the emergence of danger. Within this legislation there is no specific mention of PAT testing, however what this legislation does emphasise is a business’s obligation to maintain the safety of equipment, whilst recording a clear trail of servicing, testing and maintenance in order to achieve this, for which PAT testing fits perfectly. Where PAT testing is specifically required is within Governmental estates.

What does PAT Testing entail?

PAT testing is undertaken by our technicians who are experienced within the industry and have undergone thorough training. Most specifically our testers have received PAT testing training as well as having attended health and safety courses (both of which are regularly refreshed to ensure that knowledge is always current). This person or persons may then provide for the following PAT testing tasks, as the site demands:

User checks
User checks can involve our experts advising members of your team on the potential dangers and considerations when using particular equipment. This can then help your staff to stay safe, continuing to use equipment in a way that helps with proper maintenance.
This process also involves manual checks of equipment, where faults can be identified and reported to the named supervisor or individual within your company. This may include frayed wires, broken plugs or something less obvious, such as lose inner wiring.
User checks are part of the testing process that is undertaken before the official inspection, and as such the results of these checks are not officially recorded unless a defect or potential issue has been identified.

Formal visual inspections
This stage of the PAT testing process involves the inspection of the appliance, as well as the wiring, cable and plug. This stage of the process then checks for obvious signs of appliance wear and tear that may be dangerous. It has been found that this step within the inspection identifies as many as 90% of faults.

Combined inspections and PAT Testingpat-testing

All portable appliances are subject to a need for regular inspection and maintenance, for which combined inspections step in. This involves a regularly delivered service that first begins with the aforementioned visual inspections, which is then followed up by the official PAT testing, which will be customised as according to the appliance that is tested, it will include some elements of the following:

Earth Resistance Test
The Earth Resistance Test is undertaken with earthing rods and connection leads, and ensures that appliances, equipment and electrical systems are properly earthed.

Earth Continuity Test
The Earth Continuity Test measures the resistance of a protective earth circuit.

Insulation Resistance Test
The Insulation Resistance Test checks for leaking current from the appliance or the system.

Polarity Check
The Polarity Check tests that sockets are functioning as they should, and requires the use of a piece of equipment known as the polarity tester.

RCDs/ELCBs/Safety Switch
RCDs, ELCBs and Safety Switch testing can be undertaken in one of two ways, with these being the Press button test or the applied current test. In the former case an RCD tester is used, whereas in the latter specialist equipment, training and knowledge is required.

About One Waypat-testing

When you’re dealing with the safety standards within your commercial premises, you’re literally dealing with a matter of life and death. We are the answer to keeping your staff and visitors safe. And we go beyond solid PAT testing services to also provide for a complete set of additional services, including Emergency lighting and electrical systems that can be relied upon, even in the most important of moments, such as when emergency strikes, lighting cuts out and people within your premises must be guided out to safety.

Official accreditations – Your peace of mind that you’re choosing the right company for your needs
Our industry is one that is, thankfully, heavily regulated. This means that you have a plethora of accreditations and bodies to which to refer to for peace of mind.
Specifically we are NICEIC approved (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation) which is a body that defines standards for proper delivery of services. It also means that we are regularly inspected to ensure that we’re providing our clients with the robust expert electrical services that our clients have become accustomed to.

Our dedication to raising standards and certification
Beyond being members of the NICEIC we’re also dedicated to solid training programmes which ensure that our technicians are always at the forefront of industry knowledge.
We’re also proud to be associated with the following organisations:
● Fully qualified team of installation/service engineers JIB graded;
● Accredited Access Equipment trained IPAF;
● Accredited Mobile Tower Erecting trained PASMA.

Sectors that we service, and within which PAT Testing is widely employed
● Waste Transfer Stations
● Waste Recycling Process Plants
● Substation Control Buildings
● Sewage Treatment Works
● Enamel and Inks Production works
● Leachate Treatment Works
● Ceramics Colour Manufacturers
● Storage and Distribution Warehouses
● Vehicle Logistic Centres
● Insulation Product Manufacturers
● Steel Engineering Manufacturers
● Offices suites
● Retail units
● Hotels / Accommodation
● Restaurants / Bars / Pubs
● Schools
● Councils Tips
● Vehicle Showrooms
● Apartment blocks
● Air Conditioning / Ventilation power supplies

Our PAT Testing services are affordable, simple and completely customisable
We know that no two businesses are the same, and that within every commercial premises there are an array of considerations to pay attention to if our PAT services are to be delivered in a way that truly maintains solid safety standards.
We are, however, equally proud to say that our services also focus upon being affordable, representing great value for money. And when this is balanced with the peace of mind that our team can bring to your working environment, we think that our offering is pretty invaluable.

Our PAT Testing services are robust, reliable and always delivered by experts
But you don’t need to simply take our word for it
We know how important proper electrical maintenance is to you and your business. And we know that you may have a range of options when it comes to the company that you choose. So with this in mind we want to provide plenty of solid reasons as to why One Way electrical should be your first and only choice for a PAT testing partner. And to back up our claims to superior service is a range of previous clients who have been happy to share their views as to what they think of the service that they have received.

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