PAT testing is for Professionals. Here’s Why


PAT testing is an acronym for Portable Appliance Testing. Most people have not only heard of PAT testing, but they tend to know of its legal ramifications and as such, why it needs to be completed. This base level understanding can lead to a misplaced confidence in being able to carry out PAT testing on some appliances without proper training, or perhaps an urge to forego hiring a professional altogether. This isn’t recommended for several reasons.


Accidental Injury


Any interaction with electrical appliances in industrial or commercial spaces should be left to experts who are qualified to handle electricals safely. It would be ironic and devastating on both a personal and financial level if an injury were caused when checking whether your equipment is permitted for safe use. When mishandled, electricals have the potential to cause serious injury, so it really is a job for a professional.


Expert Knowledge


PAT testing is executed in stages. A visual inspection is performed to seek out clear damage such as charred fuses and loose wiring: this is proceeded by the use of specialist equipment to perform a more thorough inspection in the same vein. These ‘PAT testing units’ check for lead polarity, earth continuity and other things that mean little to those who are not certified PAT testers.


7 PAT Categories and Classes


For the purpose of clarity, appliances that need to be PAT tested have been separated into categories, however the necessity of a PAT test is then determined depending upon which PAT class it aligns with. For example, appliances in the lowest class rating are deemed as largely safe, and therefore only the charging leads would require PAT testing. The skills and experience of a trained professional gives them the ability to identify the corresponding class without error, thereby streamlining the process of reaching an accurate a conclusion.


When you hire a professional from One Way, the electrical contractors visiting your site carry with them first-rate software and testing equipment, along with the right qualifications to certify your appliances as safe for use. Every piece of equipment is different and so you will receive recommendations for how frequently each appliance should be PAT tested hereafter, allowing you to continue in your daily operations with peace of mind.


To make sure your appliances are PAT tested and safe for use, contact our trained team via your preferred method.

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