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The testing of electrical goods and installations is enshrined in the law for businesses and different types of electricals require different schedules of maintenance. Providing electrical testing in Stoke on Trent, One Way can cover everything from appliances and lighting to wiring and distribution systems and ensure that businesses are legally sound, safe and secure.

PAT Testing

PAT or Portable Appliance Testing is the routine inspection of portable electrics to ensure that they are safe for use in the workplace. This applies to absolutely anything electrical in a commercial premises from the kettle and toaster in the staff room, through to the machinery and air conditioning units on a factory floor. Even charging leads and extension cables require this type of electrical testing in Stoke on Trent, in order for businesses to fully comply with the 1989 Electricity at Work Act.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting refers to installations of lighting that illuminate fire exits and hazardous areas and is necessary to improve safety of the building. Emergency escape lighting relies on battery power in the event of a power outage and should run for 3 hours, in order to adequately meet the requirements of law and ensure that people could get to safety if there was a major event. Our electrical testing in Stoke on Trent of these fittings involves simulating an emergency and testing the batteries for full lifespan.

Load Monitoring

Our electrical testing in Stoke on Trent encompasses load monitoring which involves attaching equipment to a business’s mains system and taking readings about the electricity usage over a pre-determined span of time, up to 30 days. Our contractors can then generate a report about high consumers, when electricity is used the most and signs of any inequalities which could be indicative of a fault. This allows businesses to better monitor their usage and ensure that their bills are accurate.

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