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If you are a commercial or industrial business based in Derbyshire looking for an electrician that is experienced, qualified and reliable then look no further than One Way. Our electrical contractors in Derbyshire can undertake a variety of services to benefit companies from regular maintenance contracts for emergency lighting and fire alarms, through to the wiring, data cabling and mains distribution. Both new and existing businesses can make use of our full spectrum of electrical services and we’re happy to carry out maintenance of systems that we may not have originally installed.

Safety Features

Our electrical contractors in Derbyshire can provide a number of electrical services relating to must have health and safety equipment in a business premises. Under the 1974 health and safety at work act, business owners have a responsibility for the safety of their staff and customers and this requires a variety of safety features such as emergency lighting, fire alarm systems and regular testing of electrical systems and devices. One Way can help with the design, installation and maintenance of all of these systems and can also carry out PAT testing, fixed wiring testing and electrical repairs.

Efficiency Systems

Making a profit is all about having efficient systems in place, meaning efficient electrical systems are an absolute must. Wasted energy isn’t just bad for profit margins though, it is also bad for the environment and for a green reputation. More and more customers are choosing businesses that are committed to tackling climate change, reducing energy consumption and supporting green practices and so having efficient electrical systems is more important than ever before. Our electrical contractors in Derbyshire can help craft systems with efficiency in mind and employ a variety of features to make systems more efficient.

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