Maintaining Your Fire Alarm


At OneWay Electrical, we understand the importance of maintaining electrical systems. We never just leave our job at the installation stage – we also offer maintenance services to ensure your systems are kept up to date and functioning properly. Fire alarm maintenance in Staffordshire and surrounding areas is a part of this service, and one we consider very important. We believe you should too.

Regular maintenance checks are recommended on all electrical installations to ensure the wiring is correct, it functions as it was designed to, and to check the shelf-life of the product. When it comes to fire alarm maintenance in Staffordshire, we are specialists who can provide expert advice in the form of staff training on the system and weekly fire alarm tests. It’s important that all appropriate members of your organisation are clued up on how to test the fire alarm and that you check it works regularly.

We do, however, offer contract packages to fulfil your individual requirements so you have as much choice as you need. An ‘appropriate fire detection system’ is a legal requirement for UK businesses and the majority of business owners consider a fire alarm system to be a basic step in achieving this. We also provide the installation of fire alarm systems as well as maintenance packages as part of our varied electrical services.

Contact our electrical contractors Stoke-on-Trent at One Way here to discuss fire alarm maintenance in Staffordshire, surrounding areas and how it can help your workplace.

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