Maintaining Emergency Lighting


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Emergency lighting is an integral part of your business. It helps keep you, your staff, and any customers or visitors you have safe in the event that they are required. A properly designed, and
installed, emergency lighting system is therefore essential. As with most things, however, a properly maintained system means that you don’t have to worry about any potential faults, meaning that in the event they are required, your emergency lighting systems are able to function at their highest possible level.

Our electrical contracts are fully familiar with all stages of the design and installation processes, making your emergency lighting maintenance a familiar activity. We are home to a range of maintenance contracts, which can be taken out to ensure the functionality of your electrical systems over time. Don’t cut any corners, keep running, and keep safe with help from the team at One Way.

It may never be something you’ve really considered, and if not now is the time. Prevent harm coming to your staff, customers, clients, and visitors, by electing for regular emergency lighting maintenance checks in your establishment. Our checks will be able to detect current, future, and potential faults, as well as advise any necessary replacements or upgrades to your current system.

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