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Emergency Lighting Systems graphicProper maintenance of emergency lighting is essential to the running of businesses across the UK, ensuring staff, visitors, and customers can all rest assured that their safety has been considered. Ensure you comply with regulations in a practical and logical fashion with expert advice from the team at One Way.

As you know, measures like installing emergency lighting are essential to the proper running of any establishment. Our team are on hand to ensure your lighting is designed and installed in such a way that it makes the most sense for your business and the safety of everyone. Maintenance can then be conducted by our team to make sure all components are working as they should and that you get the maximum lifespan out of your system. Moreover, we are equipped to identify outdated and faulty systems, repairing, and replacing them where necessary. Our comprehensive emergency lighting service allows you to have peace of mind.

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Alongside emergency lighting, we also provide a plethora of services such as fire alarm installation and maintenance, which further work to provide certainty that you are adhering to the correct legislation. Our systems can be designed to your reasonable budget and ensure the safety of customers, staff, and establishment in the event of a fire.

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