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The project

MacNaughton required load monitoring of the Low Voltage power plants at several mainline rail stations. One Way were contracted to monitor LV power for seven days and to provide detailed analysis of the findings.

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 Our services included:

  • Inclusive hire of 2 data analysers
  • Connection and disconnection of the equipment onto the live electrical systems
  • Issue of detailed reports for each location monitored

With over twenty years of working the railway industry, MacNaughton have the experience to provide various levels of support ranging from basic technical advice and guidance on industry sector standards to providing extensive assistance with major projects.

MacNaughton needed to research energy use at stations including Cadoxton, Marylebone, Milton Keynes, Northampton and Watford Junction. Load Monitoring is essential to forward planning as it allows MacNaughton to assess energy use at different times of the day and gives data insights into passenger flows through each station and when this hits a peak.

Jon Fairhurst, who managed the project for MacNaughton said: “We searched for companies capable of doing the Load Monitoring and found One Way via their website.  They were one of three companies that we contacted and they came back to us promptly, showing a clear knowledge of what we were searching for.[vc_separator]

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“We were looking for a company who could demonstrate that they were reliable, responsive and competitive on cost. One Way’s MD Wayne Bennett replied promptly, answered all our questions clearly and told us that One Way had the capability to be on site within seven days. One Way ticked all the right boxes.

“They offered the right service at the correct price. Once on site, One Way did everything they said they would. They offered an excellent service and were always on time. A bonus was they always turned up early and ready to start.”[vc_separator]

Load Monitoring services from One Way

Load monitoring is performed by connecting instrumentation at the main supply switch gear or other key locations where load data is needed. For a typical three-phase system where the load is to be monitored at the main switch gear, three current probes and three voltage probes are attached to the three-phase conductors, and one voltage probe is attached to the neutral conductor. These are then connected to a power recording instrument.

The Monitoring equipment will then measure currents, voltages, frequency, power factor and Harmonics. This is a pre-set period of time, anything between 1 to 30 days dependent on the Clients’ requirements . One Way then create a detailed report for analysis through a ‘Data logging system’ and is presented to the client electronically.

One Way have worked on numerous sites in both Commercial and Industrial sectors since the Company formed in March 2012. We have vast installation knowledge throughout the workforce both at managerial and site engineers’ level, so we understand best practices when installing the Electrical data analysing equipment and how the results need to give the correct information.

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