Looking to save money wherever possible? Energy efficient lighting is one of several ways to do so


Choosing the right lighting scheme
Remember, remember the 5th of November…

Fireworks, sparklers and ‘Penny for the Guy’ – if today’s tech-savvy kids still stand on corners with a stuffed entity that is! There’s probably an augmented reality app for that now.

We enjoy the sound, the colour and the special lighting effects of fireworks. We get excited about watching an organised display or turning our hand to a DIY back garden extraordinaire!

These days, it’s easy to create a colourful extravagance with LED lighting schemes that attract the same sense of anticipation as a Bon Fire Night display. LED lighting can also play an important part in highlighting commercial assets and prioritising safety through emergency lighting.
Energy efficient lighting
Energy efficiency is a hot topic with everyone encouraged to do his or her bit for the environment. It’s about reducing your energy usage as well as your carbon footprint. And it’s particularly pertinent to businesses and their CSR policy.

Lighting accounts for 40% of a commercial building’s electricity usage, which means another hefty bill on top of other outgoings. Businesses are looking to save money wherever possible and energy efficient lighting is one of several ways to do so. As a business owner, reducing your energy costs will save money and enhance your green credentials.

And it doesn’t stop when you leave work at the end of the day. Lighting accounts for 18% of a domestic property’s electricity bill, which is why parents tell their kids not to leave the lights on (if you are a parent you are probably nodding your head!).

The Lux effect

LED (light emitting diode) is an energy efficient form of lighting. It lasts longer, is durable and gives a better quality light than traditional lamps. They are available in different colours – a bit like fireworks – and wavelengths and emit light in one direction only. This is more effective with less waste.

If you want to be clever, why not combine energy efficient lighting with advanced controls and monitoring, creating an intelligent system for corridors, stairwells, toilets and communal areas. These use occupancy sensors that detect movement, switching on or off where appropriate to save power: various optic options that enable beam angles (lights) and colours to be adjusted depending on the type of workplace. “Daylight harvesting” allowing lights to be dimmed or switched off in areas where there is natural daylight.

What is the right lighting level for your business?

Lighting levels are based on a unit of illumination called Lux that measures the intensity as it passes through a surface.

Offices, retail space, showrooms and any type of environment with a high perception of detail require high Lux levels, for example, 500 Lux. Warehouses, corridors and stairwells manage with lower levels of around 150 Lux. Emergency lighting only needs 1 Lux which is still sufficient to allow safe exit from a building.

Lighting can attract attention to products, displays or areas – if used wisely. Get it right and it will boost sales and your brand; get it wrong and watch your profits take a nosedive!
Emergency ‘blue light’

Many people don’t give lighting any thought apart from when they have to change a lamp or are asked to switch the ‘big light’ on. However, lighting plays an important role, in some cases, a life-saving one and must not be underestimated.
led-lighting-stoke (6)
Emergency lighting is a good example of this, helping people to find escape routes via exit LED boxes if there is a fire. It also highlights where fire alarms and fire-fighting equipment are located.

We design, install and maintain emergency lighting systems and are a dab hand at creating an astonishing LED lighting display … and not just for Guy Fawkes!

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